We are a community of people and families coming together to worship God and experience His power and presence through worship and a biblical message each week.           

  Together we’re becoming the kind of church described in the Bible—with relevant teaching, heartfelt worship, constant prayer, and compassionate care for those in need. We are passionate about sharing Christ’s love through our actions by caring for one another and positively impacting our communities. Through these efforts, lives are being transformed daily. We invite you to come join us this Sunday!       


Knollwood Christian School was established to help students attain high academic excellence, to teach the Bible, and to provide a Christian atmosphere where students can develop spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially.  

          This mission of Knollwood Christian School is to lovingly train students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially from a Biblical perspective with a God-centered point of view and to prepare them to influence others for Christ.